Get Noticed with An Embroidery Store in Apple Valley CA

Embroidery is a great way to make your business look more professional with uniforms. Whether you are out in the field with work uniforms, in the office with dress shirts, or meeting a potential client, it is always an advantage to have coordinated uniforms that are embroidered.

An embroidery shop in Apple Valley has a limitless supply of apparel to choose form. It does not matter whether you need smocks, work shirts that are durable, professional dress shirts, Threaded Concepts can help you out with your embroidery & screen printing needs..

Business owners often times forget the value of building a brand, and one of the easiest ways of doing that is with apparel. You want your brand to be seen by everyone. The more times you company is recognized, the likely hood of a potential customer thinking of you when they need you is increased. Think of it like advertising. You and your employees are walking billboards. Do your employees go out for lunch? Are they wearing regular street clothes, or are they wearing your branded shirts or polos? Each time you go out into public with your decorated apparel, you’re getting your brand viewed by more and more people.

Embroidered Uniforms Make Your Business Look More Professional

Based on a national survey conducted by J.D. Power, customers are more likely to do business with employees wearing company uniforms. They perceive uniformed staff as more professional, more knowledgeable and highly competent than non-uniformed employees.

Companies often require their employees to wear uniforms to help give a professional look to the company. May it be a long sleeved linen shirt or a casual polo; it is very easy to turn it into a company uniform. All it takes is simple embroidery showing the company logo.

The Importance of Wearing a Uniform for Your Business

Companies find many advantages in requiring their employees to wear uniforms. You’ll be surprised to know that it benefits both the business and the employees as well.

• Branding and business promotion
Uniforms with embroidered logos and personalized names in them help promote awareness of your brand and business. When employees wear logoed uniforms, customers easily recognize the business. Wearing uniforms help differentiate a brand in the market.

• Embroidered uniforms act as free advertising mediums
If you have a business, advertising and marketing would take up the majority of your expenses. Providing uniforms for your employees make up for free advertising. Logos embroidered on employees’ uniforms serve as “ads” and employees act as “walking bulletin boards”. The color of the uniform matters too. It is important that the uniform’s color combination is similar to your company’s branding. Customers would better associate the uniforms with your business.

• Provides a sense of belongingness
Wearing uniforms to work actually benefits the employees as well. If uniforms help businesses in branding and advertising, it helps employees by creating a sense of belongingness. It fosters team spirit, thus, improving teamwork and also increases productivity of workers.

• Easy customer rapport
When customers see a company’s logo embroidery in an employee uniform, they easily identify with the business. Company uniforms also save representatives the time to approach customers and do business with them. It is easier for customers to ask information about your products or services offered. It is also easier for customers to ask for assistance when they spot uniformed staff nearby.

• Uniforms carry a sense of pride
Flight attendants look sophisticated when they are wearing their uniforms. In the sixties, Pan Am flight attendants were deemed glamorous, often envied by many women. Their blue and white suits and embroidered hat were perhaps the most coveted uniform of their time. Wearing one certainly carried a definite sense of pride.

• Uniforms help improve security
Remember DHL’s iconic red and yellow uniform? Or perhaps the black and purple uniform of FedEx? Somehow, customers are more secure when they see uniformed courier personnel delivering their package. In addition, businesses providing services such as cleaning, gardening, and any other domestic businesses, mainly catering to women benefit more if employees wear uniforms. Women feel more trusting to let strangers into their homes if they know that they are a company representative.

• Save on cost
Embroidered uniforms do not cost that much. Any clothing, including hats, can be easily embroidered with a logo or just about anything, to make it more personalized. Embroidery can turn any plain looking clothing into something unique. You can easily customize it too, so it is  easily distinguished with your business.

If you do not have the budget to spend lavishly on uniforms, embroidered logos is a great way to make uniforms more professional looking. It does not take much effort and it can be finished quickly. In the world of business, creating an attractive and professional image is a must. Building customer trust mostly depends on how professional looking your company and its representatives are.

Before You Get Your Logo Embroidered

A lot of people do not realize what is involved when you are getting something embroidered. Do you have a logo or image you want to have embroidered, or do you just want a text based embroidery? Do you have a digitized stitch file?

A large number of individuals think the vector artwork that was used on business cards or any other print job is good enough to start embroidering! Before the machine can start stitching, your image must be “digitized” in order for the machine to recognize instructions. The cost for this one time fee ranges depending on your location. A $30-$50 digitization fee is probably the average cost at embroidery shops.

When you are ready to get something embroidered, you must take into consideration how much you are willing to pay for the embroidery, and how big you really want it to be. The bigger you want it, the more it is going to cost.

Should you buy the shirts from a different store, or should you buy them from the embroidery shop? A good embroidery shop is going to have a wide selection of apparel for you to choose from. On top of that, a lot of shops will either charge you extra for bringing your own items, or they will simply not embroider on anything that is not purchased through them. Some stores will either give you a discount on the apparel, or give you a good discount on the embroidery since you are buying both from them. A lot of times people will think they will get a better deal when buying their own shirts from another store, but in the end it might cost them more.